Floored: Unique Flooring Solutions You Probably Never Considered

Retrieved from: https://www.realtor.ca/blog/postpage/11716/1363/floored-unique-flooring-solutions-you-probably-never-considered Are you bored of hardwood floors? Are you looking to spice up your space with unique flooring, instead? Good flooring is like wearing a pair of great shoes—they can pull an outfit together, but sometimes, they are the outfit. If you’re looking to make a statement with your floor, we’ve got you […]

Designing with Neo Mint

Retrieved from: https://www.realtor.ca/blog/postpage/10632/1366/designing-with-neo-mint Foreseeing the future is never easy, but experts at the World’s Global Style Network (WGSN) use social media, popular culture, data mining and street fashion to bring businesses the styles of tomorrow today. Gazing through a pastel-tinted crystal ball, the colour experts at WGSN declare Neo Mint the trendsetting colour for 2020. […]

10 questions every first-time cottage buyer should ask

Article retrieved from: https://cottagelife.com/realestate/10-questions-every-first-time-cottage-buyer-should-ask/ When you’re a first-time cottage buyer, it’s easy to fall in love with an oh-wow view or that incredible wraparound screened porch—and we all know that love can make you reckless. To make sure that your head agrees with your heart, here are some cottage issues to investigate before you buy. […]

Bare Minimum: The Secrets Behind Nude Interior Design

Jules Torti Jules Torti is the Editor-in-Chief of Harrowsmith magazine. She has been published in The Vancouver Sun, Globe & Mail, the Matador Network and is a columnist for Massage … View All Contributors There’s no need to blush when discussing nude interior design. It seemed appropriate to shine a spotlight on this undressed style […]

Experts predict an excellent year for dragonflies

Retrieved from https://cottagelife.com/outdoors/experts-predict-an-excellent-year-for-dragonflies/ written by Ray Ford Ontario cottagers who love dragonflies (and hate mosquitoes) have good news. Thanks to a late spring and a large supply of winged prey, veteran dragonfly watcher Bob Bowles is predicting an “excellent year” for lovers of the voracious, jewel-like predators. Dragonflies were slow to launch in central and northern […]

Fire safety tips for your Muskoka cottage from Gravenhurst fire chief Larry Brassard

(retrieved from MuskokaRegion.com) GRAVENHURST — Here are some safety tips from Gravenhurst Fire Chief Larry Brassard to help protect your cottage from fire: • Test smoke alarms at least monthly or each time you return to the cottage. Pack a new smoke alarm and extra smoke alarm batteries in case they need replacement. • Install […]

How to prepare your cottage for short-term rentals

By Marlisse Silver Sweeney – CottageLife.com Short-term rental insurance? Check. A welcome gift? Check. A clear way to communicate rules to guests that are in their best interest? Hmm… “Our hot tub cover has several bite marks in it,” says Danny Effron, the owner of Whitewater Chalet near Nelson, B.C. “There are grizzly bears everywhere…guests […]

The right way to fly the flag at your cottage

Cottage season has already begun and it’s time to unroll those flags. Flying the maple is the traditional way of starting cottage weekends for many. But are you doing it right? Apparently, flying the Canadian flag has certain protocol that needs to be followed every time. And there are some things that need to be […]

8 expert tips for renting out your beloved cottage

If your cottage is like most, it’s a place for relaxation, traditions, and family memories. Which means “income property” might not be the first phrase that comes to mind when you think about summers at the lake. But there might be no better time than now to change that. The best part of renting out […]