Sitcoms That Set a Bar for Home Design

Retrieved from: Sitcoms remain a TV staple even as we move towards streaming services like Netflix, Crave, and Disney+. Throughout the last half-century, we’ve watched these familiar home settings almost as much as we saw our own four walls. Our favourite sitcoms shared intimate moments of family life and created some truly memorable rooms […]

Floored: Unique Flooring Solutions You Probably Never Considered

Retrieved from: Are you bored of hardwood floors? Are you looking to spice up your space with unique flooring, instead? Good flooring is like wearing a pair of great shoes—they can pull an outfit together, but sometimes, they are the outfit. If you’re looking to make a statement with your floor, we’ve got you […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Outdoor Holiday Lights

Retrieved from: Whether you’re looking to have yourself a merry little holiday or shamelessly trying to keep up with the Griswolds, there’s no doubt a well-planned light display is a mainstay of the season. Holiday lights represent all that is jolly and bright—that is unless you find yourself tangled in a twinkly string of […]

Preparing Your Home for Winter: A Checklist

Retrieved from: Summer’s warmth is now a fading memory and the inescapable and important task of winterizing your home before the first big freeze looms. Luckily, we’ve created a checklist of many things to consider before that first snowfall with help from Jim Fisher, a general contractor with 50 years experience in the industry. […]

Designing with Neo Mint

Retrieved from: Foreseeing the future is never easy, but experts at the World’s Global Style Network (WGSN) use social media, popular culture, data mining and street fashion to bring businesses the styles of tomorrow today. Gazing through a pastel-tinted crystal ball, the colour experts at WGSN declare Neo Mint the trendsetting colour for 2020. […]

7 Innovative Design Apps That Help with Home Projects

Retrieved from: Whether you’re renovating, redecorating or spatial planning—you know there’s an app for that. We’re taking a closer look at seven mobile apps that will give you a leg up on your next home project. Magicplan This is an app for everything from a brand new build to a redecorating project. Since you […]

8 Eco-Friendly and Natural Tips to Make Your Home Smell Fantastic

Retrieved from: Everyone loves walking into a home that smells amazing. Unfortunately, many products, such as aerosol room sprays, plug-in units or wax melts, also come with questionable ingredients and unnecessary packaging. If you crave a wonderful smelling space in a more natural and earth-friendly way, it’s never been easier. We’ve compiled this handy […]

The Sky’s the Limit: Guide to Skylights

Retrieved from:’s-the-limit-guide-to-skylights Why skylights? They’re dramatic, they make spaces feel larger, create a strong connection with the outdoors and the natural light they provide is beneficial to both people and house plants. Skylights can be fairly easy to install with the help of a professional but, as with all home renovations, there are a […]

10 Clever Hacks for Small Kitchens

Retrieved from: 1. Ditch the fruit bowl Many people have the token fruit bowl—or basket—that takes up prime real estate on their counter. Try placing small bins inside a deep drawer to store fruit and vegetables that don’t need to be refrigerated. Photo via Pinterest 2. Store on the door With just a little […]

Staging Techniques to Attract Better Buyers

Retrieved from: Highlighting a space’s best features and making it feel lived-in but also universally livable is in the details. You need potential buyers to see themselves in the space—knowing that it is staged—but still get drawn into the fantasy of making it their own. Staging is a proven tactic for increasing the value […]

How To Get a Construction Mortgage Loan to Build Your Dream Home

Retrieved from: For most, the fantasy of building a dream home is just that—a fantasy: the perfectly styled gourmet kitchen, the shower big enough to fit an elephant and every tiny detail carefully considered to be exactly what you want. As a trained architect, it haunts me that at my age I still haven’t […]

Not all superheroes wear capes: REALTORS® to the rescue after real estate nightmares

Retrieved from: In 2017, Heather Spidell and her husband, Danny, were looking to downsize. The plan was to sell their home in the suburbs of Halifax and build their dream home on the ocean. After talking with some friends who had sold homes without the aid of a professional, the couple decided to give […]